Homeschool Enhancement

Homeschool Enhancement

The Perfect Complement to a Homeschool Education

Futures Academy can provide the perfect complement to homeschool course work through our courses-by-credit offerings. All courses are taught by our expert teachers in a one-to-one class setting, and are available both on campus and online. Choose from numerous advanced placement (AP) courses, UC, CSU and NCAA approved courses.

Whether it’s a supplemental resource or full-time option for homeschool students, Futures is a perfect transition into more complex coursework. Many of our students come for additional help in complex math and science courses and, if it’s socialization you need, Futures offers that too. Students can choose to participate in a variety of seminar classes, working and learning with peers in a small group setting.

Seminar courses include:

 Fine and studio arts



 Graphic design

 Computer arts

And more...

What I enjoy most about being on campus is the friendly, family atmosphere and how supportive all of the teachers are.  I can remain on campus and focus on the homework assignments knowing there is always a supportive teacher at hand, if I have any questions or need assistance. All of the students at my campus are really lovely and supportive of each other too. There are also lots of clubs, like the Thespian club, Cooking club Photography club, and many more.
- Jaime A.