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Keep on track for academic success.

Through live one-student, one-teacher virtual classrooms, our instructors work face-to-face with your student(s) to meet their academic needs, and to help them stay on track and succeed in school.

The student’s learning experiences and their relationship with their teacher are the two most important factors in creating an effective online learning environment. At Futures, we design our virtual classrooms to maximize the impact of these two components, making us the 'gold standard' in online education.

We also provide ample opportunities for much needed social engagement through virtual clubs, virtual field trips and homework support - all from the comfort and safety of your home.

The Gold Standard of Online Learning

Many schools teach online, but at Futures Academy, we teach one-to-one or in small groups of five, to maximize engagement and personalized learning.

Online Learning Pyramid
Online Learning Pyramid

Futures Academy provides:









face to face live online instruction

Your child will benefit from:

Fully accredited online high school and online middle school courses
Online full-time, part-time courses-for-credit, tutoring and summer school programs
Open enrollment
Flexible scheduling
Virtual Connect program
- Live online Guided Study homework support
- Live virtual field trips
- Live online interactive clubs from music to art to creative writing... and more!
170 courses to choose from, including 32 honors and 16 AP, as well as UC a-g and NCAA approved courses
Futures Academy’s more than 30 years experience helping students achieve educational success through 1:1 instruction

Online Teaching Done Right

In addition to live one-student, one-teacher online classes, students can enjoy virtual homework support, virtual field trips and virtual clubs! Teachers connect and tailor instruction to each student's learning style, cognitive level and motivation. Click on the video to learn more.


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one to one instruction

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Targeted Learning Helps Students Reach Their Full Potential

In a 1:1 learning environment, every interaction, conversation and email exchange provides an opportunity for daily engagement and, as a result, natural evaluation.


Get Set for Spring Semester

With spring semester officially launching on January 11th at Futures Academy, the time has come to make sure you're all set for the next phase of your school year. Follow these four easy steps.


Prevent Learning Loss During The Pandemic

We can help students make up their learning gaps and continue to be successful in school. We offer 100% live one-to-one online instruction for middle and high schoolers.

My daughter's school just wasn't working out for her in the middle of 6th grade so we decided to move her to Futures. The teachers were SO supportive that it helped boost her confidence. They adapted "stressful" parts of online learning to match her needs. I highly recommend and am thankful we found Futures to help us during this difficult time. 
- Zeena D.
Futures Parent